The Castellana Foundation supports Mercy Center in South Bronx


The Castellana Foundation, Western Beef, Cactus Holdings, and CEO & President Peter Castellana III are proud to announce their support for Mercy Center in the neighborhood of Mott Haven in the South Bronx. Mercy Center currently has two locations in the Bronx and serves as a volunteer counseling service for single mother families in an effort to combat economic poverty. The Castellana Foundation is proud to be support behind such a noble cause in our communities. The South Bronx is a community that Western Beef has long operated within and supported. To have the opportunity to give back to economically at-risk families is a cause that we must fight together as a community, a city and a country.

For more information on Mercy Center or to learn how you can contribute to this cause then please visit their website.

The Castellana Foundation supports Growing Love Community Garden of Manorhaven, NY

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The Castellana Foundation, Western Beef, Cactus Holdings and CEO Peter Castellana III, are proud to announce their support for the Growing Love Community Garden of Manorhaven, NY. The Mission of the Growing Love Community Garden of Manorhaven is to connect their diverse community to healthy food, nature and each other. This is obviously a natural fit for the Castellana Foundation, having given much in their charitable donations to healthy food and food scarcity causes. A representative from the Growing Love Community Garden had this to say about the donation:

“The season was one of phenomenal growth with 46 individual beds and 5 educational beds overflowing with flowers, vegetables and herbs.  We have planted 6 native trees, built a beautiful pergola from fallen locust limbs and constructed a long bed solely for food donation to our local pantry.  A lot has been accomplished in this year!

We are truly grateful for your help.  

We ended this growing season on October 28th with a Harvest Festival and were granted  a garden Blessing by the Bishop who was saying Mass across the street… very moving. ”

Photos were provided by a volunteer.

For inquiries about the project please contact them through their contact page.

Castellana Foundation and Western Beef partners with Senator Addabbo to help restock a Glendale’s Sacred Heart Food Pantry

Photo courtesy of the office of Senator Addabbo

The Castellana Foundation proudly supports and funds the initiative between Glendale’s Sacred Heart Food Pantry, Senator Addabbo, and Western Beef Supermarket. Story published by and written by Emma Miller.


Western Beef Supermarket delivered two pallets of food to the Sacred Heart Food Pantry in Glendale on Oct. 1 through an arrangement made with state Senator Joseph Addabbo.

The donation included macaroni and cheese, juice boxes, coffee, bread, canned food and other items.

“I am very happy that I was able to successfully bring these two great entities together for the benefit of those individuals in need,” Addabbo said. “This donation alone will go a long way in helping so many families who are struggling to put food on the table. I am grateful for the efforts of the Sacred Heart pantry for assisting so many people and for Western Beef to willingly be a credible member of the community.”

Addabbo helped resolve a delivery issue between Western Beef and the food pantry. He said that he hopes to help the partnership continue in the future.

“Western Beef has always seen itself as part of the larger community, and so it is our pleasure to assist the Sacred Heart Food Pantry in its mission to aid others in need,” said Kathy Rivera, title compliance administrator at Western Beef. “After this initial food donation, we look forward to working with the food pantry and Senator Joe Addabbo towards the possibility of partnering in the future with the Sacred Heart Food Pantry.”

Western Beef Supermarket is a chain of grocery stores with locations across New York, New Jersey and Florida. They were founded over 30 years ago and have two stores in Queens, in Flushing and Jamaica.

The Sacred Heart Food Pantry is a ministry of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Glendale. They are open to distribute food to those who need it Monday through Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Anyone wishing to donate food can call the office of parish ministries at 718-821-3285.

The Castellana Foundation funds contest program for Western Beef retail

post winner

Western Beef is proud to announce that we will now be conducting weekly contests through our social media accounts (TwitterFacebook and Instagram) and our email mailing list (enter your email in the subscription box at the lower right corner). Prizes are funded through the generosity of the Castellana Foundation, whose board member, Peter Castellana III, is also the President of Western Beef parent company Cactus Holdings Inc. So far Western Beef has run many contests with multiple $500 gift card winners and recently a monthly MetroCard. We aim for our contests to be relevant to our customers’ daily lives so they spend their hard earned money on things other than reoccurring expense such as bills and groceries. A recent winner of ours was more than grateful for the financial boost:

“$500 is a lot of money. It’s basically what I spend at the supermarket in any given month so to have Western Beef cover me and my family for a month is a very big deal to me. I’m so thankful. Now I can buy something nice for us that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I wish more companies did this! I feel like they really are more than just another supermarket.” — M.G., Bronx, NY

Western Beef management has been very happy with the response so far with their contests:

“At first we just kinda wanted to see if there was any customer interest in contests. Shortly after we started our first campaign we realized that this was something our customers wanted. Thousands of customers were participating from all over. While we were happy with the response, we took a step back and made a personal stand in that we wanted to run relevant contests that spoke to our customers and actually served them well. It’s who we are as a company. We serve working families in the inner city.” — Western Beef Social Media Manager

For those interested in our contests please follow us on social media or join our mailing list at the Western Beef website for instructions on how to enter. Currently, the contest is for a monthly MetroCard.

Art from recent MetroCard contest

If you are a company or organization with prizes or services that you think would be relevant as prizes for our customers, then please reach out to us at

Western Beef & Cactus Holdings’ 22nd Annual Employee Appreciation BBQ

Western Beef / Cactus Holdings 22nd Annual Employee Appreciation BBQ from Cactus Holdings on Vimeo.

On September 16th, 2018, Western Beef hosted its 22nd Annual Employee Appreciation BBQ. The event took place from 4 PM to 8 PM EST in Ridgewood, Queens at the Western Beef headquarters, shared with parent company Cactus Holdings Inc. The event offered typical BBQ staples such as burgers, hot dogs as well as a variety of specialty treats such as Mamita’s flavored ice. For children there were carnival rides and games, a climbing wall, live music and for the employees there were live drawings all night for prizes ranging from flat screen TVs to a $10,000 cash grand prize. Employees and their families were bused in from all over the city and New Jersey, paid for by Western Beef. Over a thousand employees and their families attended the event. The event was attended by the Castellana Foundation board members, including Peter Castellana Jr., and Peter Castellana III. Overall, it was an incredible event full of smiles, good food, and a great activities. Western Beef looks forward to many more in the future.

Western Beef would like to thank all of its vendors that attended and supported the event:

U.S. Marine Corps

The American Red Cross


Sun Hing Foods

Arnold’s Meats

Iberia Corp.

AC Bakery Distributors


E&M Ice Cream Inc.

W.M. Brown Group

Cibao Meat

Top Katz Brokers

S. Katzman Produce

Hudson River Fruit

Genpro Inc.

Florida Produce Brokers

Wuhl Shafman

Canyon Sales Company

Family Food

United Food Brands

Victor Joseph & Sons

M&M Packaging

Abimar Foods Inc.

New York Produce

JRC Beverage Inc. and Ski Beer

The Castellana Foundation supports Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens!


Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr., and Castellana Foundation along with Western Beef and parent company Cactus Holdings are pleased to support Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens. Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens promotes unity among all persons by seeking to develop caring communities. Their more than 160 programs provide affordable housing, nutritious meals, recreation for seniors, residences for the developmentally disabled, and assistance to neighbors in need. Through a generous donation, it is our honor on behalf of the Castellana family and Western Beef to support this generous organization that provides so much to our most treasured communities. Thank you and we look forward to continuing our support.

The Castellana Foundation Supports NY’s Finest!

The Castellana Foundation, Western Beef, and their parent company Cactus Holdings Inc. support NY’s Finest football team. CEO Peter Castellana III is proud to support the NYPD‘s semi-professional football team, a member of the National Public Safety Football League. By way of a generous cash donation, the Castellana Foundation supports NY’s Finest obtain new gear, pay for travel, pay fees, and purchase snacks and beverages. It’s a small gesture towards members of our community who provide an invaluable service to our safety and wellbeing. It is our honor to give back to those who give our communities so much. We thank the NYPD and NY’s Finest for all that they do.


Brooklyn Miracle Temple Inc.



Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and Castellana Foundation along with Western Beef are please to support the Brooklyn Miracle Temple Inc. The  Brooklyn Miracle Temple is a  local church located in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Annually we collaborate with community resources to serve, empower and strengthen our community by touching the lives of people various levels. Every year for the past several years we host a Community Health and Wellness Fair on the Last Saturday in June. At this event we have health screenings, sign ups for neighborhood programs, games and activities. Also providing everyone with food and drinks as well. Our event is a way to offer our neighborhood services that will enhance each families physical emotional and spiritual well-being. As a result of the community event, people will have access to medical health insurance, free mammograms free blood pressure/ cholesterol,diabetes screenings, free dental check up for children, access to housing court lawyers, SNAP Benefits sin up and other community resources. Ckhgvkj

Mori Kami Park IB Foundation

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Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and Castellana Foundation along with Western Beef are please to support the Mori Kami Park IB Foundation. The Mori Kami mission is  to raise funds  that support, strengthen and enrich the International Baccalaureate Primary Years program at Mori Kami Park Elementary School. The event that is being supported is called The 12th Annual Auction & Celebration, this event is being held to raise money for new laptops, new I Pads, Classroom enhancements and  training for MPES Students.




Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and Castellana Foundation along with Western Beef are pleased to donate $500 to the F.D.N.Y EMS Station 57. The F.D.N.Y mission is to advance public safety through its fire prevention, investigation and education programs. Station 57 will be hosting a BBQ for the week of 05/21/2017-05/27/2017 for Annual EMS Week when all women and men of the Brooklyn Community are recognized for their sense of heroism.