Meals on Wheels of Staten Island, Inc.

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and the Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef, recently made a contribution to the Meals on Wheels Program of Staten Island, Inc.


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Meals on Wheels of Staten Island, Inc. –  A brief history:


During late 1971, early 1972, a group of community activists met to determine how the nutrition of an increasing number of homebound elderly could be met.

In l972, the organization was incorporated and the delivery of meals began to 28 residents of the Westerleigh and Willowbrook areas of Staten Island. A total of 25 volunteers delivered these meals on a daily basis. For 28 years, meals were made at local hospitals and picked up for delivery to the recipients.

In 1990, Meals on Wheels purchased land adjacent to the office building on Port Richmond Avenue and in 2001, a state-of-art kitchen was constructed using funds donated by local banks; State of New York funding agencies; local community businesses; and individuals. The new kitchen became fully operational by Spring 2002.


Today, the organization has numerous affiliations and community partners.


The Castellana Foundation is proud to be able to support such a valuable community resource.






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