Nicole Paultre Bells 9th Annual Sean Bell Family Day

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and the Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef were proud support Nichole Paultre Bell by making a donation of $400 to the ‘9th annual Sean Bell Family Day’.

The festivities for the day begin with the Sean Bell ‘ALLSTARS’ basketball tournament, followed by a day of fun for the families. Children bounce houses, video games arcade, face painting, balloon clowns, music and other entertainment including dance performances and other exciting activities. There is plenty to eat, along with Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Ices, Cotton Candy and more for the children.

The Nicole Paultre Bell is a non-profit organization focuses on the under served communities, mostly in Jamaica, Queens and Far Rockaway, New York. WIRIF is a youth and justice based organization aiming to provide a better quality of life for those in the community. We use our organization to raise awareness in different communities focusing a lot on social justice. We have a “Know your rights” forum that we do. We also hold community events like “Sean Bell Family Day” in August. The whole idea is to show that tragedy can become triumph. From being a victim to turning it around and becoming a victor. It aims to aid anyone in need and be a helping hand for people going through hardship.



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