Adaptive Sports Foundation – Warriors In Motion Program

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr., the Castellana Foundation and Western Beef are proud to announce that we are continuing our strong relationship with Adaptive Sport Foundation/The Wounded Warrior program by marketing a substantial food donation of $855 in order to support the recreational opportunities to individual with disabilities.

One of the top priorities of Adaptive Sports Foundation is to provide accessibility to programs for all individuals who seek adaptive sports. While it is important for all individuals to be healthy, physical activity is vital for someone with disability. It can help lessen the effects of disability, and reduce the development of increased health problems later in life and also help keep individuals in a positive mental state.

Through physical activity, ASF students develop a higher level of self-esteem and become more confident, happy and independent individuals. Through the Castellana Foundation support, the ASF are able to offer its programs to the disabled community for the either free of for less than a sixth of the real costs of the lessons.

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Adaptive Sports Foundation, Wounded Warriors Event, Windam Mountain, NY; 8/10/2013