The Castellana Foundation recognized by Fundezpaz NYC for sponsoring home construction projects for those in need


The Castellana Foundation, Western Beef’s meat and produce wholesaler National Food Distributors, and the Castellana family are proud to support Fundepaz NYC by way of sponsoring their home construction projects in the Caribbean, South America and Central America. Michael Castellana of National Food Distributors is pictured above with a representative from Fundepaz NYC.

On September 16th, National Food Distributors was recognized by Fundepaz NYC for support and sponsoring their housing and construction projects.

Fundepaz is a nonprofit organization and for the past 9 years has built 225 homes in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Columbia and the Philippines.

The Castellana Foundation is a proud partner of Fundepaz NYC and look forward to supporting them on future endeavors.






The Castellana Foundation builds houses for families in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala


The Castellana Foundation, Peter Castellana III and Michael Castellana on behalf of the Castellana family, Cactus Holdings and parent company Cactus Holdings, proudly support Fundepaz NYC in effort to provide housing to the people of the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. In an initiative led by Michael Castellana, The Castellana Foundation provided three homes to families in need of Guatamala and the Dominican Republic.


Here is more information on Fundepaz NYC:

“It is a non-profit organization legally constituted in the United States (Tax deductible – IRS 501 C (3) Charitable Status), created and led by Father Luis Fernando Echeverri since 2001, in New York. FUNDEPAZ NYC, began promoting social and pastoral projects of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe de Antioquia (Colombia), having as priority the peasants and indigenous displaced by violence, but over the years other projects are being developed in other countries.

We are a group of Latinos with a spirit of solidarity willing to create a Bridge of solidarity from the United States to promote development and change in Colombia, in the Dominican Republic or anywhere in the world where poverty and hunger are the common denominator and so with small projects improve the quality of their lives.”

Here is a letter from Fudepaz NYC in thanks for the efforts from The Castellana Foundation:

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