The Castellana Foundation proudly announces support for NYPD’s semi-pro football team, NY’s Finest


The Castellana FoundationWestern Beef, and their parent company Cactus Holdings Inc.,and Peter Castellana III on behalf of the Castellana family are proud to announce their support NY’s Finest football team. This is the second time that the the Castellana Foundation has supported NY’s Finest in obtaining new gear, pay for travel, fees, and purchasing snacks and beverages. It’s a small gesture towards members of our community who provide an invaluable services for our safety and well being. It is our honor to give back to those who give our communities so much. We thank the NYPD and NY’s Finest for all that they do.

Annual National Night Out Against Crime 2016

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and the Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef were happy to make a donation to the Annual National Night Out Against Crime 2016 of the 113th Precinct Community Affairs. The event is organized every year by the police precincts in the borough, and by their Community Councils. It is important for the community to have such event where they have the opportunity to learn about the men and women of the NYPD, and the variety of community groups in the borough helps to facilitate interaction with police and the community.


Annual NYPD Midtown South Precinct Club Picnic

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and the Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef were happy to donate $1,000 to the MTS Club picnic. The picnic included a BBQ and clam bake for all the members of the NYPD – Midtown South Precinct.  The picnic takes place once a year for the Midtown South Precinct members and their families as a token of appreciation for all the hard work they invest throughout the year.

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NYPD National Night Out Against Crime

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and the Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef were pleased to support the NYPD by contributing to the National Night Out Against Crime. The National Night Out is an annual summer event sponsored by the National Association of Town Watches in which precincts organize anti-crime rallies with the participation of local business and civic organizations. Various Police Department units present displays, and other City, State and Federal agencies also take part. National Night Out has proven to be an effective and enjoyable police/community partnership. It is held on the first Tuesday of August every year. At the event they BBQ, play music, and have dance contest with the children and the community residents including seniors.


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 10.57.52 AM 84th_precinct_captain_maximo_tolentino_gave_det._sal_ferrante_a_break_on_the_grill._the_precinct_gave_out_1000_hot_dogs_and_1000_hamburgers_during_national_night_out_against_crime._photo_by_rob_abruzzese 84th_precinct_captain_maximo_tolentino_waves_to_the_crowd_in_front_of_borough_hall_during_national_night_out_against_crime_while_borough_president_eric_adams_and_community_council_president_leslie_lewis_look_on._photo_by_rob_abruzzese

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