The Castellana Foundation supports The Obbayo Children’s Foundation

obbayo-bags-300x200The Castellana Foundation, Cactus Holdings, subsidiary Western Beef, and Peter Castellana III on behalf of the Castellana family proudly supports The Obbayo Foundation of Hightstown, NJ. The organization’s main mission is to provide the necessary means for young children in Senegal to remain in school where otherwise economic pressures might lead them to a life of panhandling.

Here is a message from the company’s Co-founder, Thierry Sarr, whom also serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Cactus Holdings.

“The story (from the co-founder): Over the past 5 years, I have been sending huge boxes at least twice a year with clothes and dry goods to underprivileged children. I’ve also traveled to Senegal once a year, visiting my family but also trying to figure out how I can make a difference. From the airport to my house, I always had mixed feelings, on one hand I consider myself fortunate because I made it and I am able to visit my family but on the other hand I was heartbroken, seeing the number of young children on the streets begging for food and money. I knew I wanted to help but I did not know how at the time, now I came to the conclusion that organizing a charity is the ANSWER.”

The Castellana Foundation is proud of its involvement with this amazing project, which can provide anything from basic dry good to solar panels. For more information on this charity, please visit their website.



School Carnival of P255Q

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and the Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef were happy to make a donation to the School Carnival of P255Q that took place at PS151 on August 5th, as a culminating summer activity for the students. During the Carnival, the children and staff make their own games and booths. They also barbeque for the children, staff and parents that attend. P255Q is a District 75 school that educates students with Autism ages 5-14. The school is located in 8 different sites throughout Queens.

P255 @ J.H. 168 (Parsons Ed. Complex)

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Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr., the Castellana Foundation and Western Beef were pleased to support the Annual Garden Carnival of Dorothy Bennett Mercy Center. The Center, founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1995 to provide an after school program for the children of neighborhood immigrants, offers continually evolving programs to meet the needs of families in the Fort Greene and Bedford Stuyvesant community. These programs address concerns that impact negatively on urban dwellers: violence, drugs, unemployment, discrimination, illiteracy, and lack of affordable housing.



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The De La Salle School

Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr., the Castellana Foundation and Western Beef were pleased to donate $10,000 to the “Rejoice In Hope” Gala of The De La Salle School in Freeport, NY. This contribution enables the school to provide a quality Catholic education to young men whose families do not have the resources to afford such an option otherwise.