The Castellana Foundation supports St. John’s Food Basket Ministry in Boca Raton, FL


The Castellana Foundation, Western Beef, parent company Cactus Holdings and Peter Castellana III on behalf of the Castellana Family is proud to announce its support St. John’s Food Basket Ministry in Boca Raton, FL. With support from Western Beef, the food bank was able to collect over 10,000 food items this year, making it 2018 the best year they had seen on record. With over 30 volunteers for the Thanksgiving holiday, they were able to make a difference in the lives of countless families.

For more information on St. John’s Food Basket Ministry then please visit their website at

New Creation Ministries

New Creation Ministries was established in 1955 and have been continuing effective entity serving the communities of Brownsville, East Brooklyn, Ocean Hill, Cypress Hills, here in the borough of Brooklyn. Its influences gave reached far beyond the borough corridors as it refers and networks with many established social organizations throughout the city. Its ministries have included but are not limited to addressing the needs of the homeless,  jobless, mentally challenged, sick and shit-in as well as the youth issues that challenge our communities. Peter Castellana III, Peter Castellana Jr. and the Castellana Foundation, along with Western Beef were happy to make a donation to the 400-600 participant members of New Creation Ministries so they could enjoy Thanksgiving dinner by having food distributions such as Thanksgiving meals, bags of food items, and turkeys.